Devuan install guide - Start here

This is an easy to follow guide to installing Devuan from the CD/DVD images for supported hardware. The general advice accompanying this guide is that you should always backup your data before you begin.


Devuan 2.1 ASCII Release Notes
Supported architectures
Installation images
Installing Devuan


At minimum you should know how to write an ISO image to CD/DVD or USB, and make your computer boot from it. For those already using GNU/Linux or similar we can cover the steps for that.

Supported architectures

Installation images

These are currently the ways of getting installation images. Please use mirrors or torrents where possible.

If you have access to the Internet you can use the `*_netinst.iso` which will install a base system then download the remaining packages during the installation process.

Choose the single `*_dvd-1.iso` if there is no network available and/or a need for multiple offline installations. The image contains several desktop choices and additional software options.

The leaner `*_cd-1,-2,-3.iso` set provides the default Xfce desktop and a more limited software selection.

Those not using the command line can skip to installation.

Check the integrity of images

Before you write an image to your removable device, it's best to check the integrity so that you can be sure the image is in a good state. This avoids many problems that may later occur during installation.

Download the SHA256SUMS from the release archive and verify image integrity.

user@hostname:~$ sha256sum --ignore-missing -c SHA256SUMS

Verify the images

Installation images distributed by Devuan are signed so that they can be verified as coming from Devuan. Verifying images lets you know they have not been altered prior to you receiving them.

Get the Devuan developers signing keys and import them to your keychain.

user@hostname:~$ gpg --import devuan-devs.gpg

Use the signed SHA256SUMS.asc from the release archive to verify the image.

user@hostname:~$ gpg --verify SHA256SUMS.asc

A report of a good signature indicates everything is fine.

Writing an image to a CD/DVD or USB drive

Images can be written to a CD or DVD using wodim.

user@hostname:~$ wodim dev=/dev/sr0 -eject filename.iso

All Devuan ISO images are hybrid ISOs and may be written to a USB drive using dd.

root@hostname:~# dd if=filename.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M && sync

Installing Devuan

Now you can open the appropriate guide below to walk you through the installation process!