No piece of software is perfect. And acknowledging this fact is the first step towards improving our software base.

Devuan strongly believes in the cooperation of the community to find, report, and solve issues. If you think you have found a bug in a Devuan package, please report it to:

The procedure to report bugs is quite simple: just install and run reportbug, a tool that will help you compiling the bug report and including any relevant information for the maintainers. When the bug report is processed, you will receive an email confirmation indicating the number associated to the report.

Here you can check the status of your report

Before reporting a bug, you might probably want to check whether the very same problem has been already experienced and reported by other users, e.g. by checking the list of packages with known bugs

About the dependency on libsystemd0

The main aim of Devuan Jessie is to provide a reliable base distribution not encumbered by systemd. The first and most important step in this direction is to avoid that systemd is ever used as init in your system. Unfortunately, many packages have started including dependencies on libsystemd0, a library that allows user programs to communicate with systemd components if and when systemd is run as init. Although Devuan is making its best to remove such an unnecessary dependency, there are still several packages in Devuan Jessie which depend on libsystemd0.

Since libsystemd0 is totally innocuous if systemd is not installed and running, existing dependencies on libsystemd0 are not consider a major issue in Devuan Jessie. Hence, please avoid filing a bug report for every package that depends on libsystemd0: we already know the full list, and any such bug report will be closed without further processing. However, we would really appreciate your help in repackaging existing software to remove this silly and useless dependency.

A good starting point to learn how to repackage for Devuan is the d1h helper guide.

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