Sponsor an Event

Occasionally Devuan wants to organize a conference to gather developers and keep the Devuan community in touch. From local user groups to a global annual conference, we’re looking for sponsors to help us reach that goal.

If you’re interested in becoming an event sponsor, please contact us.

Media Sponsorship

Sponsor a Devuan Gathering

Corporate donors can sponsor specific events to support the community in exchange for exposure. We’re looking for partners promoting free software, responsible and sustainable businesses who share our vision for a free, inclusive society.

Devuan User Conference

This kind of event will be organized locally to bring awareness about Devuan to the regional community, with install parties, conferences, workshops, etc.

A local Devuan group, can reach to the fundraising community and access local sponsors on behalf of the project.

Event budget range from 2000 to 20000 EUR/USD, that can be sponsored in full or in part by donators.

No hackathon?

Release Party

We would love to gather all people who participated in Devuan since the beginning to a 1.0.0 release party. Our current perspective, given the dispersion of Devuan developers around the world is to make it a remote event.

Sometimes we dream about a real, face-to-face gathering to put flesh around the IRC nicknames. This means thousands of Euro in travel costs, a significant CO2 release in the atmosphere, expenses for a venue and all the costs associated with gathering a number of people at the same place. Way out of our budget. Can you help? Please let us know!

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