Documentation Book Sprints

A “doc sprint” gathers people together to complete an important documentation task in very little time. It’s an intense workshop where the objective is to substantially improve an aspect of the Devuan documentation.

Between 6 and 12 people live together for a few days and create quality documentation in the form of a printed book. How-to guides and official documentation can be edited and refined to reach printable state. At the end of the sprint, a book is uploaded to for sale to benefit the Devuan Project.

Documentation Book Sprints emulate the participants to reach a high productivity level that result in a tangible product, one or more chapters, or a tome of Devuan Documentation. For more information about the methodology, see Booksprints.

Budget for a book sprint varies according to location, travel expenses, local cost of life, and duration of the process. A typical book sprint can cost between 3000 to 12000 EURO depending on the conditions. If you’re willing to sponsor a doc sprint, please contact us.

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