Devuan Release Information

Current stable release is Devuan 2.0.0 ASCII.

Devuan suites

Devuan development takes place in suites that indicate a level of stability:

Devuan Releases / Codenames

Devuan release Suite Planet nr. Debian release
Jessie Oldstable 10464 Jessie
ASCII Stable 3568 Stretch
Beowulf In development 38086 Buster
Ceres Unstable 1 Sid

When the current testing moves to stable, the previous stable transitions to oldstable and a snapshot of unstable becomes the new testing. Devuan releases are not necessarily in sync with Debian’s, so using the Devuan codenames rather than suite names is recommended to avoid confusion.

An exception to this is unstable, which always has the codename ceres with sid as an alias for compatibility reasons.

Devuan release names are chosen from Minor Planet Center Names List:

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